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        Welcome To One 2 One Personal Fitness & Wellness


Have you ever trained in the typical gym or fitness club?  If so,

you know how difficult it can sometimes be to get in a great

workout.  Between waiting your turn to use a piece of equipment

or the constant interruptions from other members you spend

most of your time just standing around.  Add to that the loud

music and the clanging of weights and it can turn into a very

unproductive use of your time.  Is it any wonder that over 80 percent of gym members don't use their facility? 


At ONE 2 ONE PERSONAL FITNESS & WELLNESS we believe your time and effort are in direct proportion with your results.  We also believe that your workouts should be tailored to meet your specific needs and goals and that those workouts should be conducted in a pleasant and friendly environment.  Good nutrition is vital in attaining your goals which is why your Certified Personal Trainer is your Nutritional Coach as well.  We show you how to eat healthy while still enjoying some of your favorite foods. Body composition is an ongoing process so you'll be able to track your results.  We believe that workouts should be tough and challenging yet fun and ever-changing.  If you're not getting all of this from your current facility you need to give ONE 2 ONE PERSONAL FITNESS & WELLNESS a try.

Plus now we're open 24/7 so we'll always be able to fit in your busy schedule.    

























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